“[Rohan Salmond] looks at some of the intriguing (and bizarre) ways that internet culture interacts with faith. … If it’s online (and strange) Modern Relics has covered it.” — Insights magazine

What is going on here?

Modern Relics is a newsletter about religion, popular culture and the internet. I’m Rohan Salmond, a religion specialist who writes and produces radio at a secular public broadcaster. Modern Relics is a personal project of mine done outside my professional work.

This isn’t a newsletter advocating for a particular religious tradition - I’m just fascinated by the weird and wonderful things that happen when faith and pop culture collide online.

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What people are saying about Modern Relics

“[Rohan’s] work, like mine, combines pop culture and religion. And if you just check out their homepage I think you’ll see just how much fun they’re having.”Fr Jim McDermott SJ

Since launch, Modern Relics has attracted a dedicated readership across many faith traditions (and none). No matter who you are, I hope you’ll enjoy this writing. Twitter shitposters, university academics, clergy and journalists are all subscribers — even the President of the Uniting Church is a fan.

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Artefacts found at the crossroads of religion, popular culture and the internet.


Rohan Salmond

Writes about religion, popular culture and the internet.